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Assemblyman decries secretive legislative process


            Assemblyman Ray Walter (R,C,I-Amherst) cast his vote in opposition to legislation restricting all New Yorkers’ Second Amendment rights. The measure was rushed to a vote without sufficient time allowed to examine, research or publicly debate its merits.


            “In the wake of recent violent tragedies, our focus should be on the safety of our families and communities, not political posturing and public relations” Walter explained. “As the father of two children, I understand the need to protect our communities and I will continue to strive for legislation that fosters safety and health for all New Yorkers. Today’s rushed vote and muzzled debate is a calculated public relations opportunity to grab headlines rather than protect kids. Hundreds of my constituents – law-abiding gun owners – have reached out to me to express their concerns about this legislation. These people were deprived of their voice in this debate.


“I support the reasonable aspects of this legislation that will stop criminals and individuals with a history of mental illness from obtaining weapons, but I remain in strong opposition to infringing upon the constitutional rights of law-abiding New Yorkers. The end result of this legislation could potentially turn law-abiding rifle owners into criminals. The reality is that so-called ‘Assault Weapon’ bans have been proven to be completely ineffective in reducing the murder rate and this legislation would have done nothing to prevent the tragedy in Newtown. Violence is a complex issue with no easy solution; it requires patience and rational discussion. This is merely an illusory reform.”



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