Assembly Democrats Undermining Women's Equality Legislation




Assemblyman Walter fights for passage of Women’s Equality bills.


As part of his women’s equality initiative, Assemblyman Ray Walter (R,C,I-Amherst) introduced legislation (A.8729) earlier this year to make sure that women who are pregnant are guaranteed certain accommodations in their workplace under the Human Rights law. Today, voting along partisan lines, the Assembly Democrats voted down the bill in the Government Operations Committee. By doing so, this ensures that A.8729 will not come to the Floor of the Assembly for a vote.

“The New York City-controlled Assembly majority continues to block common sense, women equality reform bills that would go a long way in protecting women,” said Walter. “They have chosen a hypocritical all-or-nothing approach to women’s equality. People across the state are fed up with these political games and underhanded tactics that prohibit sensible legislation. New Yorkers deserve real reform and, the only way real reform is coming to our state is if we stand up together against the corruption of New York City political bosses.”

Walter’s bill, A.8729, is part of a larger package of legislation being fought for by the Assembly Republicans. Walter is a co-sponsor of the eight other pieces of legislation that encompasses different aspects of achieving true women’s equality in New York State.



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