Percoco Corruption Trial

The Buffalo News

By  | Published January 20, 2018

ALBANY – Joseph Percoco, a longtime confidante and aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and others go on trial Monday in a lower Manhattan courtroom, where a jury will consider whether state decision-making was driven by bribes of a top Cuomo official.

Cuomo won’t be on trial and he has not been implicated in any wrongdoing, but in the end, people statewide will be watching to get a glimpse of how Cuomo and his administration operate.

One state government watchdog said the case will reveal the “unsavory underbelly of how Albany operates.”

“They’re going to illustrate Albany’s pay-to-play culture, and it’s not going to be pretty for New Yorkers to see,’’ said Blair Horner, executive director of the New York Public Interest Research Group.

Assemblyman Ray Walter, an Amherst Republican, takes it a step further.“I think we’re going to see the inner workings of the Cuomo administration and how the economic development model he’s developed as governor leads to this type of corruption," he said.

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