“Today, I voted against each one of the Board of Regents incumbents. In light of the complete failure of the Common Core rollout and implementation, I cannot and would not support these individuals. They must be held accountable for this failure. Too many schools across New York are failing their students not because of a lack of passionate, qualified educators in the district, but due to the lack of leadership among the Board of Regents and the state Education Department.

“The Board of Regents and the incumbents re-elected today are focused on a top-down, bureaucrats-know-best approach to reforming the education system in our state.  We need regents who are willing to listen to parents and fellow educators on the most effective ways to improve our school systems.  I am disappointed that the Legislature chose the status quo over education professionals in today’s vote.

The entire process of nominating and appointing the regents is flawed. There is no accountability in the closed process dominated by Speaker Silver and the upper echelon of the Downstate Assembly Majority. There are no official guidelines for applying, interviewing and selecting these candidates. In fact, the legislature interviewed candidates just yesterday for the vote held today. The public does not have adequate time to respond and be involved in the process despite its direct impact on the quality of education our children receive.  Transparency is a crucial component to our great democracy.  I cannot support this opaque process.

“Today’s vote might seem like a setback in the work we have done to correct Common Core.  Instead, today spotlights the mission we have in front of us.  Thousands of educators, parents, and students have attended rallies and forums all across WNY demanding changes to Common Core and education funding.  I will continue to be a voice for those advocates and for the students being impacted by the indifference of the Board of Regents and state Education Department.”

You can watch Assemblyman Walter’s comments after the vote by clicking here.



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