Thruway Drops Toll Hike Proposal

December 17, 2012

Contact: Bob Matthews




Assemblyman urges overall reform


Assemblyman Raymond Walter (R,C,I-Amherst) recently voiced his support for the Thruway Authority’s decision to drop its proposed 45 percent toll increase on commercial vehicles, but called for further reforms to shore up the agency’s finances. Walter is a co-sponsor of the Thruway Authority Accountability Act, which would examine the Thruway’s finances, explore consolidating services and establish safeguards against future toll hikes. The assemblyman indicated that today’s news was a step toward the overall reforms needed to solidify the Thruway’s budget and operations.


“Today’s news marks a major victory for New York’s families and businesses that made their voices heard in telling the Thruway Authority we will not accept a toll increase on our commercial trucks,” said Walter. “However, if we are going to truly fix the fundamental problems within the Authority, there is much work left to be done. Toll collections must be modernized in order to reduce operational costs, and here in Western New York, we still need to address both the economic and quality of life concerns involved with the Williamsville toll barrier. I am hopeful that the Thruway’s decision to drop the proposed toll increase is a sign of positive reforms to come, which will bring accountability and stability to the agency.”



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